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Humboldt County's legal and regulated cannabis industry is in jeopardy due to collapsing market prices, statewide overproduction, and an unsustainable local tax rate. The Board of Supervisors should immediately suspend the Measure S tax, and then work to reduce and restructure the tax to a sustainable and equitable level.

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What is Measure S?

Humboldt's Measure S cannabis tax was passed in 2016 and is paid by all licensed and regulated Humboldt cannabis farmers. Since that time, wholesale cannabis prices have dropped by more than two-thirds. But Measure S taxes farmers at a flat rate by the square footage of their farm - meaning no matter how low prices drop, the tax remains the same. the


Small and Independent Cannabis Farms are Part of Humboldt County's Fabric

Humboldt is home to nearly 1,000 small and independent licensed cannabis farms, with a median size of just a quarter of an acre. Humboldt farmers are partnered with over a hundred manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in towns like Eureka, Arcata, and Rio Dell, generating thousands of jobs for Humboldt residents and millions local economic activity.

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