LTE: Skyline Farms

Why isn't cannabis treated equally to other agricultural crops?

There is a very real, unjust, unequal and targeted money grab at an industry that is struggling to exist.

Annual costs for a 10,000sf outdoor cannabis farm to maintain an active license:

Water Board Cannabis General Order Enrollment $690

State Cultivation License $4,820

County Permit Review $750

County Cultivation Tax $10,840

County Property Tax $4,288

County Business License Renewal $57

State Cultivation Tax (flower) $160/lb@300lbs=$48,000

State Cultivation Tax (trim) $45.62/lb@300lbs=13,776

Cannabis Water Right $750

CDFA Weigh master License $115

State Secretary LLC Annual Tax $800

Bond Renewal $140


This DOES NOT include cost of goods, employees wages, payroll taxes, workman’s comp, insurance, state or federal income taxes, soil, clones ($2,400), fertilizer, processing ($125/lb), testing ($550/batch), distribution ($50-$100/lb), transport ($95+/pickup), packaging, or banking fees ($300+/month).

A 10,000 square foot outdoor farm can grow on a good year ~300lbs of flower.

$283/lb in TAXES and FEES ALONE.

Current market rate for cannabis is $250-$500

ALL STATE AND COUNTY agencies need to re-evaluate their impact on this industry. Please consider restructuring of fees to be equal to other Agriculture Crops and businesses. Especially, when the federal government will hold out another heavy hand upon legalization (anticipated additional 12-20%)!?!

Humboldt County's entire economy is affected by this targeted over-taxation and market crash.

Suspend and restructure Measure S.

Sincerely struggling to survive,

Casandra Taliaferro

Skyline Farms LLC owner and operator