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CANNABIS IS CRITICAL TO the fabric of the Humboldt community 

Humboldt is home to nearly 1,000 small and independent licensed cannabis farms, with a median size of just a quarter of an acre. Our local farmers are partnered with over a hundred manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in towns like Eureka, Arcata, and Rio Dell, generating thousands of jobs for Humboldt residents and millions of local economic activity. In turn, the cannabis industry provides an economic foundation for Humboldt County, supporting hundreds of other local non-cannabis businesses in the county.


Cannabis farmers are farmers, but the regulation of cannabis is still grounded in Prohibition-era stigma. While other sectors of agriculture receive government subsidies and support, cannabis farmers pay special local, state, and federal taxes and fees, while simultaneously being denied access to basic business services like banking, insurance, or PPP loans. Over the long term, preserving Humboldt County’s world-renowned cannabis culture means normalizing cannabis as agriculture, and treating cannabis businesses like any other legal business.


The Suspend Measure S Campaign is a grassroots effort composed of cannabis businesses, community partners, people, and organizations, and powered with help from the Humboldt County Growers Alliance. Together we are working together for long-term economic vitality and prosperity for Humboldt County.